By: Thressy Jones

In today’s world Black Girl Magic is overlooked and does not seem to get the proper recognition that it deserves. We recognize that there is so much talent in the world and it is our pleasure to have the opportunity to present Candy Ladayy’s Black Girl Magic with VIYVA Beauty.

Candy Ladayy was born in Germany and moved to Des Moines, Iowa with her mother and twin brother in 2005. Candy and her brother started with their 2nd semester of 8th grade at Johnston Middle School and graduated from Johnston high school in 2010. During her junior/senior year Candy didn’t know what she wanted to do next.  Candy knew she wanted to be an entrepreneur, but she was uncertain of the type of business she wanted to start. After graduating high school, Candy went to AIB College of Business in Des Moines and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and an associate degree in Media Communications.

Candy was not interested in working for a company and having a regular 9-5 Monday-Friday schedule. This was not the path she wanted to take. Candy knew in her heart, mind, and soul that she wanted to do something bigger and better than Corporate America. Candy still needed a product to put her name behind in order to become successful in her journey. As she became interested in the art of makeup and attempted to shop for cosmetic brushes, she noticed something that would change her life. There was not an in between when it came to the quality of brushes and price.

The cosmetic brushes were either expensive, “high-quality” or cheap and “bad quality” this was an eye opener for her. Candy thought about the girls and young women like herself, who were just starting to learn how to apply makeup and did not necessarily want to spend a fortune on cosmetic brushes. She searched and couldn’t find any high-quality cosmetic brushes that were affordable. Candy researched the market becoming knowledgeable of what was already out there. The brushes that were available lacked boldness and uniqueness. Due to this Candy always strived to provide unique and stylish designs for her cosmetic brushes.

This is why Candy created VIYVA Beauty, to provide great quality cosmetic brushes that are trendy, unique and so different, you can’t find them anywhere else except and of course that won’t break the bank.

Building VIYVA Beauty was Candy’s passion and she recognized that there was a learning curve with some challenges ahead. Candy stated that there were times she wanted to give up. After finishing work on the website in 2018, she thought she was ready to launch VIYVA Beauty. The reality was she wasn’t even close to launching VIYVA Beauty. In addition to making sure the website was ready to go she also needed to make sure she had enough inventory, legal/administrative issues were taken care of, and other miscellaneous things you don’t consider when starting a business. Not only were there day to day challenges she had to face such as:  lack of experience in accounting, marketing, web design, seo, etc. To overcome these challenges, she had to do a lot of research, watch webinars, listened to podcasts, read books, pretty much anything that helped her become competent in these areas of the business. Candy also had to financially support the start-up costs of the business while working her regular job. Overall there were many obstacles that came with running a business that she was unaware of in the beginning. Candy slowly learned to overcome these challenges throughout her journey.

Candy’s brother, who started a business himself, motivated her to keep pushing and not to give up. He is still motivating her to achieve her goals. Candy had the motivation of her brother and her mother who played an important role. Candy’s inspiration to becoming an entrepreneur was her mother. Her mother inspired her to become self-made and independent. She raised Candy and her brother alone in Germany. Candy’s mother made it her priority to make sure her children went to college when they moved to America. Her mother doesn’t have a college degree, but she always told them to be and do better than her. Growing up in Germany and in America, Candy witnessed her mother struggle raising two kids on her own. Even though the struggle was real she always made sure her children had everything they needed. Candy states her mother is a hard-working woman, and she hates to see her still struggling in her older age. Candy recognizes she doesn’t want to go through what her mother went through. This is why Candy became an entrepreneur, to be better and to take care of her mother like she took care of them.

Candy realized her hard work paid off when she received her Articles of Corporation letter. VIYVA Beauty was finally official! Candy woke up one morning and saw that she made her first sale. Candy expressed how rewarding and excited she was to see people are interested in her products. Candy still has some personal goals that she plans to achieve. Candy’s goal in place now is to continuously add trendy and unique cosmetic brushes and other essential beauty tools to the website. Eventually, she would like to carry a full makeup line that would include foundation, eyeshadow pallets, lipsticks, etc. Her ultimate goal is to have VIYVA Beauty products in stores nationwide.

We asked Candy, what advice would you provide to someone struggling or interested in going into business for themselves?

My advice is to know your “why” from day one. Why do you want to start a business? Next, do lots of research, so that you are prepared for any obstacles that may come your way. Lastly, don’t give up. If you are passionate about what you are doing or want to do, keep working on it. Keep in mind, you have to be patient. Nothing happens overnight, but you have to keep working towards your goals.

It was such as pleasure speaking with Candy Ladayy with VIYVA Beauty, her passion for the industry is genuine. She is a true inspiration and represents Black Girl Magic! I took the liberty and ordered a set of VIYVA cosmetic brushes, and honestly these brushes are unique, great quality, and stylish. 


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