By: Kanasia Taylor

Love this look?! This beauty star gives you the inside on how to master this basic everyday look on the go. All the materials you need can fit right in your bag.

Step One

You will need the Real Techniques Brush Kit. This is my top favorite! You can get almost everything you need in one set for roughly $20.00.

Step Two

Second, you will need a foundation of your choice. My recommendation is Maybelline “For Me” Liquid Foundation. They have a range of colors to match any skin type. Average cost is between $5.00-$8.00.

Step Three

Next up, the concealer. Let go with LA “Girl Pro” Concealer. It is best to find a color that is one shade lighter than the foundation of your choice. You will spend around $2.00-$6.00.

Step Four

An eyebrow pomade or pencil is a must have. I use Anastasia “Brown Dip”. It costs around $18.00 but if you choose to use a pencil it will be way cheaper and easier for those who are just starting out with makeup.

Step Five

For contouring you can use a cream liquid or a powder form. The Morphe Contour Palette is a great way to have a few options at a decent price of $10.00-$16.00.

Step Six

The setting powder from Revolution “Luxury Baking Powder” is what I have used with many different faces and it works great! Only with a small price of $5.00-$8.00

Step Seven

The shade is so REAL! The Jacqueline Hill Palette by Morphe with the natural colors in it will give you the right look for those eye lids. This eyeshadow comes around $30.00-$40.00.

Step Eight

You cannot put on your eyeshadow without the correct brush. Morphe has all the utensils you need, and the kits come with so many different sizes. You can catch them on SALE!

Step Nine

Oh gosh…the MASCARA! There are so many out there. Everyone is different. Use what you like and does the best for you. I use the Lancome “Monsieur Big” Mascara for on average $12.00-$18.00.

Step Ten

Last but not least…the LIPS! You can never go wrong with a MAC lip. Choose a nude or red color for this face.

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