Colo Chanel is a local Des Moines female rapper who has been making her music known throughout the city for the past 3 years. She has hit the stages of 80/35, headlined Run DSM Summer fam Jam, and will be headlining her own self titled concert “Colo on the Rocks 2.0” March 14th 2020. You are guaranteed dope performances with artist from Des Moines , Chicago, and Detroit. Last year she turnt vaudeville mews up with over 200 in attendance, this year is expected to be even more. We had a chance to sit down with Colo to talk about her upcoming event, her music, and what she haves planned for 2020.

Q: Last year you did Colo on the rocks 1.0. Tell us what this years show is all about?

A: This year is about bringing different lanes of hiphop to one show to create a vibe better than last year. For example there are alot of underrated artist, like Ashy Meat he gives me a skimask the slum god vibe. On the other hand we got Jack da Jrippa he got that Chicago drill music vibe.

Q: How did you come up with the name”Colo on the Rocks”?

A: The name came from me chilling with some friends and us trying to come up with names for my 19th birthday bash, which was titled Cirocnei. Me and my graphic designer went through names like Crown Colo, Ciroc Colo, and then we finally came up with Colo on the Rocks which we used the name for the first show in February 2019.

Q: So you dropped a single back in December named “EVOL” tell us the meaning behind the name and what the track is about?

A: I plan to drop a project about my love experiences and evol is love spelled backwards and this is my first single off the project. The track is about a teenage heartbreak.

Q: What can fans expect from Colo Chanel this year? Any upcoming projects or col-labs you are doing?

A: I got alot of collabs im working on and the project coming soon. Im not gonna give dates because art for me takes patience and time but be on the look out for more singles dropping.


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