Rapper 17th Trippy dropped his debut project titled “Blueheart”. This project is a reflection of 17th Trippy’s life, and lifestyle. From growing up in the streets, to spending a fair amount of his life locked up. This project gives you insight on his everyday struggles, survival, and the pain that comes with it all.

Listen to 17th Trippy’s project “Blueheart” and check out our Q&A we did to get to know him, his music, and his story.

Q: Tell us where your from? Where did you grow up and what was your life like growing up?

A: Im born in Des Moines but I’m from Cheatom. It was a struggle for the most part, I used to always get locked up in Detention Centers so I really ain’t get to live that normal lil kid experience. 

Q: Where did your name 17th Trippy Come from?

A: My older homie Thrax (RIP) just started calling me that one day cause I used to be high as hell, out here on one. The 17th comes from the street I became a man on. 

Q: What lessons have you learned that make you who you are today?

A: I learned there’s nobody who’s going to go and get it for you like you. So with that being said if you ain’t tryna do something to further yourself, you content where you are. 

Q: What would you say has been the realest thing someone has ever said to you? 

A: Blood doesn’t make you family, Loyalty do. 

Q: Why did you name this project Blueheart?

A: We use the blue heart emoji to symbolize our hood.

Q: What can Fans expect to hear from this project? 

A: They are going to get to know more about me on a deeper than surface level. Be able to have fun, and vibe to the rythms, beats, and cadences. 

Q: What are your favorite songs off this project and what do those songs mean to you?

A: I like all my songs the same way. I guess it just depends on what type of mood I’m in.

Q: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

A: Next five years I’m tryna be a successful musician, entrepreneur, and be living my best life. 

Q: Who has been the most inspiration to you?

A: The most inspiring people in my life been my everyday homies and people who I kick it with. We all came from the trenches where you got to go out and get it if you you tryna be something. Seeing them do them, helped and inspired me to do me. 

Q: What does Loyalty mean to you?

A: Loyalty is number 1. You ain’t loyal, you a snake. 

Q: Do you have any events or shows coming up?

A: I got a couple shows coming up soon. 

Q: What can fans expect from Trippy in 2020?

A: All 2020 I’m dropping consistent good music, visuals, and projects. Tryna collab with a couple local artist and a couple big names. 2020 my year. 

Q. Where can fans or anybody find you on social media to interact or conduct business? 

A. My Twitter is @Trippy17th and my Instagram is @Trippy17th

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