TC is an upcoming rapper originally from Des Moines, Iowa. With the use of his airy melodies, choppy flow, and a unique voice, TC has made a name for himself in his hometown and in the surrounding Midwest. On his soon to be released project, Titled: Wasnt Predicted, TC creates hypnotizing melodies that are contently packed with lyrics that are honest to his experiences. In a time when a few cadences and aesthetics are borrowed and recycled by artists, TC makes it clear that his demeanor and approach to music is unique to him.  The project has features from some of Des Moine’s most popular artists: KiD, FlyLife DMoney, UnoUp6, and Gnarly Jevy. TC showcases his versatility on this project, and there is a song for everyone to enjoy. This project is TC’s introduction to the rest of the world, he is proving that he is on his way to stardom one song at a time. 

We did a Q&A with TC, check it out and to celebrate the release of Wasnt Predicted as well as his birthday, come out and join us for TCs Birthday Bash Nov. 29th at Vaudeville Mews.

Q: What made you name your new project, Wasn’t Predicted”

A: It’s called Wasnt Predicted because music wasn’t something I thought I would be doing with my life.

Q: Releasing this new project. How do you see yourself as an artist now, and where do you see yourself in the next 5 years as an artist? 

A: From coming in the game with my first project, til now…I feel like grew a lot. I still have a lot of growing though. 5 years from now your boy making history.

Q: What made you or inspired you to start rapping? 

A: Couldn’t tell you what made me start rapping to be honest.

Q: Do you believe Rap is a competitive sport and why? 

A: It is a competitive sport. Everyone wants their song to be the best.

Q: What can fans expect to hear from TC on this new project?

A: Growth from my first tape!

Take a listen to TC’s single ‘Hollywood’, which was featured on Lyrical Lemonade.  

Check out more from TC below, including a sold-out concert recap video where you can hear his fans singing along word for word!!

TC Dominos (Official Music Video)

Get On (Official Music Video)

The Grade A⁺ World Concert (Official Recap Video)

TC x White Nose | Official Video

TC x Purpose

Write up Contributed By : Keenan Jackson


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