Forest Ave Entertainment is proud to present the highly anticipated album “Forest Ave Legend” from local rapper Whoppa. Whoppa has been recording and releasing music as an independent artist for over ten years. Known for creating hits relating to surviving, disparity, and poverty on the West side of Des Moines , Iowa and showing unconditional love to those who have stayed by his side through the ups and downs of life. Most recently his hit single ‘Huh?’ has reached Iowa’s Top 20 Artist chart. Whoppa, along with Forest Ave Entertainment have been creating momentum in the city, not only with cultural nightlife events, but bettering the community through engagement and activities such as community cleanups and the 1st Annual Turkey Bowl, which will be held at Evelyn K. Davis Park November 23rd 2019. Whoppa and the Forest Ave Entertainment team will be handing out turkeys to families in need for Thanksgiving. Whoppa released his debut album “Forest Ave Legend” October 12th 2019 which has received remarkable feedback in a short time. We had a chance to do a Q&A with Rapper Whoppa. Check that out, and make sure to stream the album which is available on all platforms.

Q: Tell us Who Whoppa is as a person, and who is Whoppa as an artist?

A. What sets whoppa apart from other artist is the fact the person and rapper are the same. He is a 26 year old African American from Des Moines, Iowa specifically the west side. He spent his entire life on or near Forest Avenue being raised in a middle to low class neighborhood. His childhood was far from easy but now proud to say he’s a leader and provider as a father, brother, uncle and friend. Whoppa the artist is a creative who can easily paint a picture of real issues and experiences while simultaneously teaching others how to learn from his mistakes.

Q: What was your inspiration on creating this new project Forest Ave Legend?

A: Sadly the albums main inspiration was loss, grief and depression. This past year I’ve been going through the most difficult moments in my life. I lost my big brother and one of my best friends in the same week. It’s not an easy topic to talk about none the less make music, but one day I woke up and knew i had to make them proud and keep their name alive by putting my passion and effort into music. I was also inspired by my partner and manager, Kash who believed in me enough to put his own music career aside to manage me. Having someone on the rise have more faith in me made me realize, “it’s time to really tap in.” I wanted the world to understand that even kids from Iowa go through hard times. I wanted to tell my truth and purpose and reclaim myself as, The“Forest Ave Legend”

Q: Tell us two songs on the album that are your favorites and why?

A: “Broken hearted” has to be my favorite on the album. I was really hurt and trying to understand a lot when I was making this song so I just expressed my self in a way I never have on a song ever. I kinda felt free when I made this song and wanted people to feel the way I was feeling at that moment. “My Homies” is my second favorite song because first of all that was the first song we dropped a video to and recorded after every thing happen. Me and kash went in on a cheap ass camera lol and we just shot and edited the video our self’s. It kind of got the ball rolling for us. Second I was so emotional In this song I actually cried when I was recording it. There’s a part in the song were u can kinda hear it. Every thing was fresh on my mind and I just kinda release things that I haven’t been able to say in a while. If i had a 3rd song it would have to be “Dark Spot” it just shows depression and me fighting with certain stuff. Like for real shows my pain and people can relate to that cuz we all fighting Something.

Q: What Motivates you to give back to your community?

A: My main motivation comes from knowing I can really change someone’s life. As a child I never had anyone from our neighborhood trying to help or better the situations. It seemed like even the ones who were well off with Money and success skipped the opportunities to help anyone else. There was a time where I was one of those young kids tearing the city down with no direction so it’s only right that I use my platform to better myself and the community.

Q: What can we expect to see from Whoppa and Forest Ave Entertainment in 2020

A: You can expect more bigger and better everything. We have signed artist so u can expect some fresh and new talent, you can expect more projects, videos, and HITS, we are now expanding our services so u can expect us partnering with other business, more parties, shows, and showcases, and of course u can expect us to stay legendary and continuing to help our community buy bringing more life to our city with events and giving back.


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