Sculpting is defined as the ability to carve, model, or make something by using the techniques of sculpture. Then you have exercise that puts you through different forms of exertion, designed to train, develop, and condition your body. Now combine that with a fitness product that will assist you in targeting certain areas of your lower region. We would like to introduce to you…..The Van Esther Booty Sculptor.
Founder and Owner, Vanessa Lewis, was born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa. She was a Hoover High School Husky and after graduating she sought out to pursue an Accounting degree from Iowa State University. It took a
couple of years to wrap her head around the environment of college. Trying to balance and maintain classes was a hard task but she graduated in 2010 with a degree in Liberal Studies and Minor in Advertising. “It definitely was
not easy attending college straight from high school. They do not prepare you at all for that next phase in your life and some stuff you don’t even need college for. It’s like we just get thrown out there and we have to figure it out ourselves”, said Lewis.

Despite finishing college and holding a supervisor job thereafter, Lewis knew that she still had not found her passion for what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. She played with the thought of something physical
because she enjoyed fitness, staying in good health, and being hands on. So her next stop was Iowa School of Beauty in Ankeny, Iowa to become a Massage Therapist. Here she was able to gain more knowledge on the
anatomy and physiology of the human body, relaxation treatments, and techniques to alleviate pain. It took about a year to graduate and then Lewis moved on to become a successful Massage Therapist at Massage Heights for 3 years before she transferred to Sahara before they closed in 2018.
However, it was a good thing that she started venturing into her own business before Sahara closed their business with a 2 week notice. “You know when your work atmosphere is changing. Things just start to get weird. When I was given my notice I knew from that day forward I was never going to let anyone control my financial future”. From sampling different brands, doing research and development (all on her own), making her own sketches (that she had never done before), and making contacts all over the world; Lewis was motivated to making a product that would work for everyone including men. “I was heavy at one point in my life and I wanted to lose weight but I didn’t want to lose my butt. I did a lot of cardio workouts and those types of exercises take the fat away. It’s not about having a big butt either. I wanted to be proportioned just right. The Booty Sculptor is made to trim and tone your thighs, love handles, lower abs, while sculpting out your butt. It also has great thigh support when doing any activity.”
Women and men have been giving this product rave reviews. It is latex free with Velcro straps that allows it to be worn by those with various different sizes. It can be worn at any time even under your clothes. It is a 100%
guarantee that you will not be disappointed. The care is even simple by just hand washing and letting it are dry. For a small fee of $42.99 you can order your Booty Sculptor from Don’t forget to sign up
for emails to stay informed on what she plans to add to her line in the near future.
Before I ended my interview with Lewis, I asked what advice she had for others becoming new entrepreneurs?
“You can do whatever you want. If you get that gut wrenching feeling in your stomach when you think of your goals and dreams, then that means you are supposed to go for it. If you have an idea, stop, sit down, and write it down. When your mind is racing, especially right before you go to bed, with all those ideas and thoughts that you can see a vision for; you will start to notice them coming true in the physical sense as long as you keep pushing forward. Stay positive and always keep God and the Bible by your side.”


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